Who are we....


Hera Collective was founded by us (sisters), as we wanted to create a space offering products tailored for women at a time in their lives where it's important they nourish, pamper and celebrate their amazing selves.

Ageing comes with so many amazing benefits however along with this also comes changes both physically and emotionally. 

We saw an opportunity to develop a store with handpicked products to share with our Hera family, providing solutions and support for other women facing similar challenges. 

It was important to us to also address the ridiculous stigma and secrecy around perimenopause and menopause. One of our aims is to change this! With it being such a huge part in many women's lives we feel it's important we are all educated. It's happening, let's deal with it and support each other.

We love the old Chinese view on menopause - wisdom is deepened (we certainly feel a whole lot wiser than our 20's!) which is shown below in the beautiful piece from the first chapter of a famous Chinese classical book written around 2600 BC - The Yellow Emperor's Classic.

At seven times seven a woman’s heavenly dew wanes;
the pulse of her Conception channel decreases.
The Qi that dwelt in the baby’s palace moves upward into her heart,
and her wisdom is deepened.