Perimenopause and Dryness

Perimenopause and Dryness

Sometime ago I can’t quite remember when, but my skin became seriously dry and tired looking and I became thirsty as heck! A nocturnal drinker even- I'd have to add it to my bedtime routine... scoop up washing, lock doors, fill the glass with H2O to the meniscus, and head to bed.

It turns out it was mother nature causing havoc again with her perimenopause!

Oestrogen stimulates the body to produce collagen and oils that keep your skin hydrated and moisturised, and I didn't realise (because hardly anyone ever talks about it but that's a whole other blog), but as oestrogen levels deplete due to perimenopause your skin can become dry and irritated. Basically your body no longer absorbs as much water as it did. This meant I had to make some changes to keep up with my changing body.

So what can we do?

Okay, first of all this is not an exhaustive list by any means and something that is definitely evolving as, and when, I learn of more solutions. What I have found and been told by others is we can counter mother natures 'peri' dryness by :

  • Avoiding long hot showers - unfortunately those steamy showers can increase skin dryness and irritation.
  • Drying your skin gently, patting dry then moisturising when your skin is slightly damp (Lock it in! we need all that moisture we can get).
  • Using great moisturiser - this is vital! We love our Clémence Organics Repair Serum that works while you sleep and during the day our Clémence Protect + Clarify Daily Face Lotion works hard to keep you smooth and supple. You can also hydrate your skin whenever its feeling extra dry with our Clémence Organics Tone + Hydrate Spritz - the stresses of travel, sun exposure, or air conditioning can really accelerate dryness and this spritz helps when extra hydration is needed. 
  • Make sure you don't over wash your face. Cleanse once at night then hydrate creating a skin barrier moisturising down your neck and décolletage.
  • Hydrate by drinking plenty of water (I find having a stainless steel drink bottle handy when working works well).
  • Gut health and stress levels also attribute to a more luminous you so keeping any tummy issues in check is very important. Any issues need to be looked into with your GP/ Health Practitioner and further tests can help pick up any intolerances or triggers. Stress is a little harder to contain as we all know - life loves to throw us curve balls now and then! However, learning great ways to help you manage stress can really help minimise the negative impact it has - think yoga/pilates, mindfulness, meditation, and keeping active in general ( a nice walk always makes me feel better!).
  • Use sunscreen (always) and clothing to protect your skin from sun damage - which can be hugely drying.  We have included the Clem Linen Shirt in our range as we love wearing it on our beach walks, lets in the air but keeps out the burn!
  •  Consider taking supplements to help your skin, nails and hair, the Menome Lotsa Locks is a good one known to support hair, nails and glowing skin.
Should you be quite concerned about your health speak with your General Practitioner, you may like to discuss HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) treatments and whether they would be suitable for you.
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