Top Tips for Makeup at 40+

Top Tips for Makeup at 40+

Firstly, we want to clarify we love being the age we’re at, on the + side of 40 definitely has its advantages. Attitude-wise we feel the most confident and kick ass we’ve felt (not every day but in general), and we’re bloody wise (okay not wise wise but semi wise, like wiser than our 20/30’s!). 

However, as we age our bodies (including our skin and hair) begin to change. We want to provide some great non-invasive makeup tips & tricks designed to help flatter these changes for those that want them. 

If you already feel amazing on the outside, more power to you and that’s fantastic. Keep doing what you're doing! Those that want a few tricks & tips you’re in luck - with one of our founders of Hera Collective an ex MUA (Make Up Artist), so get ready to explore makeup for the 40+!


  • All About the Base - This first one is not strictly makeup but being the base, it determines how good all your makeup will look - your skin. Basically hydrate the hell out of it! A great serum and super hydrating moisturiser is key. We love Clémence Organics Repair Face Serum.
  • Foundation/BB Cream - Use products that have a dewy fresh radiant finish, this creates healthy glowing looking skin.
  • Brows - Fill them in and don’t forget the ends! Brows are important face framers and as we get older, they can fade and thin out a bit so it’s important we plump them up. Filling in your shape naturally with the same shade as your natural brows and using a brush/spoolie to soften it, making sure to brush up.
  • Lips - Add shine to your lips! Either by gloss or by choosing a lipstick with a sheen. This can help your lips look fuller even with darker colours. 
  • Lashes - Take the wand to the root of the eyelashes & apply a fair amount for a good definition of your eyes. Wiggle it around at the root then brush it up through the rest of you lashes. This creates definition as well as opening your eyes with longer lashes. 
  • Liner - Use a shadow or soft pencil you can blend, which creates a softer line but still allows that definition.
  • Cream Products - Cream blushes, bronzers and shadows are great on mature skin as they are easy to blend and give a more natural glow as they tend to bind to the skin better. 
  • Shimmer - This is all about placement. Apply it to your eyelid stopping just below the socket (so NOT in the crease or above) and definitely on inner eye corners to make your eyes pop. However, avoid shimmer on any textured skin (crease and above) as it can emphasise wrinkles which we start to get in that area.
  • Facial mist - Use a facial mist to cool and hydrate your skin throughout the day. We use our Clémence Organics Tone + Hydrate Spritz
  • Less is best - Too much product sitting on your skin can sink into wrinkles. Try not to layer too many products on. Just applying foundation to the middle of the face and blending out can work to ensure you have coverage where it's most needed but can also see your skin. 
  • Organic - Try to use organic products when you can. Organic products that can breathe and limit skin irritation are best.


  • Don't use heavy coverage foundation, or a powder finish as it sits and shows more wrinkles.
  • Don’t wear heavy eyeliner all around the eyes, it can make your eyes look smaller and sunken in.
  • Don't over powder, it can look cakey and again highlights wrinkles.
  • Don't wear dark matt lipsticks as this 'thins' your lips.
  • Don't use the wrong colour foundation (match to your décolletage).

Also, if you need a little more help with application there are tons of helpful videos on YouTube.

The most important thing is to enjoy the you that you are now! And have FUN!! It's only's not that serious.

These are just suggestions and what we've found has worked. If you love your makeup and it's not in line with the tips above, don't worry about it - the main thing is you feel amazing!

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